About OptionIt

Reserve Now… Decide Later.®

OptionIt is a service that enables users to reserve access to future events well in advance without obligation--reinforcing the simple belief that convenience is about keeping your options open. OptionIt’s official partnerships with teams and inventory owners guarantees each option and gives you the power to create a flexible and personalized solution to purchase what you want, when you want it.

As avid sports fans, concertgoers and event attendees, we hate the idea of being locked into an event when we have such busy schedules. OptionIt is built on the notion that sometimes you know exactly what you want, but there will always be times you might not be 100% sure. For these situations, OptionIt provides a solution that complements and enhances your lifestyle. No longer are you required to make a full commitment upfront, camp outside the box office for tickets or pay inflated ticket prices from resale sites.

OptionIt also offers the ability to defer the decision making process while still guaranteeing your tickets or travel packages. Even better, if you decide you no longer want your option, you can put it up for sale on our secondary marketplace for other users to purchase.

OptionIt was originally founded by two members of the Chicago Board of Trade with a vision to create an electronic trading platform for consumers to reserve everyday goods or services by purchasing options. Our management and advisory team is comprised of some of the most experienced and respected members of the sports, entertainment and finance communities. As a part of the SmartOptions platform, OptionIt is committed to bringing options to everyday life and giving you the best online experience possible.

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